Teer Nazir Rice 25 Kg

৳ 1,400.00

Item: Rice
Brand: Teer
weight: 25 kg

Teer Nazir Rice:

rice is Grass species Oroja Sativa or Oreja glaberima rice seeds. . Later it is the agricultural product with the third global production of wheat and ma.

Since large portions of walnuts and corn crops  used for any purpose other than human use, so rice the most important grain for human nutrition and calorie intake, which more than one-fifth of global calories consumed worldwide. Various types of rice and cooking preferences have changed locally.

Rice, a monocot, usually raised as an annual plant, although in tropical regions it can survive as an annual and can produce a ratoon crop up to 30 years. Rice cultivation suitable for countries and regions with low labor costs. High rainfall, because it requires labor-intensive cultivation and adequate water. However, using a roof control roof system, even in a steep mountain or mountain area, even somewhere can be grown. Although his parents’ roots are negative in some parts of Asia and Africa, although due to the many trade and commerce of many centuries, it has created common space among cultures around the world

Traditional methods for rice cultivation are the time when the children are setting up children, or after flooding the fields. Although flooding not compulsory for seed cultivation, other methods for irrigation require higher efforts in the control of weeds and pests and a different method to repair the soil.


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